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Get paid to WIN

Practice for free. Get paid to win. Turns your skills into money by earning per match. Remember that you can also buy, sell, trade the characters you own with other people. Remember to support COBA and change your destiny. Power to the People!

Killer dApp

Stop playing dApps with no actual gameplay and outdated graphics. We know that you deserve a much more exciting and rewarding dApp experience. COBA is the only blockchain based MOBA project. Support us and let’s make this mainstream!

Decentralized Ownership

Remember that have complete ownership of the COBA characters you purchase. Do not forget that that you can buy it and sell it at a higher price when the player volume picks up. Secure your Characters early at

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Unique Classes




Unique Worlds


Claim your freedom in an immersive MOBA style gameplay with real crypto staking and earning. Build your dreams in the P2E world. Remember that your skills can be made into profit. Support COBA, become a top earner, and unleash your fandom.


In order to get paid to win you need to acquire Acent. Acent is the cryptocurrency of the dAppstore. Acent is used in COBA as a payment method. Don’t forget to secure your Acent at while they are still a low price.

Quality dApp Experience.

COBA delivers an exceptional quality gaming experience to the dApp industry due to the integration of the NFT Authenticator and P2E Interface support of the Osiris Browser. Download the Osiris web 3.0 Browser and test out the COBA Early Alpha Demo at

In-game Asset Ownership

Unlike traditional gaming COBA is a decentralized application (dApp). This means that once you acquire in-game assets you can actually purchase, trade, sell at higher or lower prices at any time in a blockchain based open market such as Who knows you will make money off of the COBA characters you buy by the time the game picks up momentum.

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