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The Coba Metaverse

In the Earthian year of 2052, experiments with particle collision ripped the fabric of space and time ruptures in locations scattered across the universe where all matter can travel from one point to another.

Despite its instability these gates allowed one to travel safely between all time, space and dimensions. This allowed all intelligent civilizations across our galaxy to forcefully accept the idea that there are an infinite amount of universes across all possible scenarios making the term universe obsolete.

All civilizations across the galaxy now found themselves living in a “meta”verse rather than a “uni”verse. The rupture also gave birth to Hypercubes. Hypercubes were physical materialization of the innate intelligence universal balance to compensate for the unstable nature of the Ruptures.

The Hypercubes were crystal based objects that allows one to harness the power of the Ruptures making them stable enough to be used as gateways to any point in any space time and dimension. Each world can have multiple Ruptures occurring at specific locations but due to the omnipotence of the Hypercube, only one is created per world. This was the beginning of the great metaversal war that brought forth the presence of the champions of light who seek to prevent the hypercubes from being used for the purpose of tyranny and domination while the evil warriors of the darkness seek to use them for conquering and bringing worlds across the metaverse under their knees for glory through domination.

For the first time in the history of the metaverse fate is in your hands. Whether you are a champion of the light or a warlord of darkness is yet to be discovered.